Hermes new perfume products

Hermes opened the world’s second perfumes store in the UAE shopping center in Dubai. Hermes added five new fragrances to Hermessence, especially Agar Ebene, Cedre Sambac, Myrrhe Eglantine, Cardamusc and Musc Pallida. Expensive, this time, you can also provide perfume bottles customized service.

The series is developed by Hermes Christine Nagel, and Christine Nagel has made more than 20 perfumes for his ancestors, including the blue wind bell, sage and sea salt, and the British pear and the orchid. One of the five features of this addition is that the fragrance is neutral and the design of the package is also simple and neutral. Both men and women can use it to blurt the sex of those who wear the fragrance. It is worth mentioning that the new product also provides special perfume bottle customization service.

JCE created the Hermes scent series, which is only limited to the franchised store and has a clear line with the perfumes bought in any market, including discounted stores. This series of perfumes is no exception and is currently limited to Dubai. It also made Wen Xiang series a unique presence in a variety of fragrances, and was named “most like Hermes” perfume by a group of followers.

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