Hermes also makes Watch

In 1837, Thierry Herm s founded the luxury brand Hermes in Paris, France. Up to now, more than 170 years of history have created its position in the international luxury goods circle. In addition to the bags, scarves, ties and men and women, Hermes also has a strong interest in the watch. Cape Cod is one of its most popular products. The 25 year – time watch is highly praised as soon as it is launched.

This year, Hermes also brought us a new Cape Cod series wristwatch. In innovation, the new wristwatch has a new replaceable single and double lap strap, and is also more colorful, including the color of electric blue, iris, orange, Verona green, super purple and tomato red.

Henri d ‘Origny is a famous designer of Hermes. The scarves he designs are loved by users all over the world, and the wristwatch it designs is equally inspiring, the rectangle and the square, revealing the belief that he is pursuing the extreme. At the same time, he draws inspiration from the chain link of the anchor chain to create different wristwatches with different styles of the past. – double-tour double loop strap.

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