Apple watch with hermes strap

Not only does the belt of each style have the brand characteristics of Hermes, but the customized version of the dial also has a strong brand smell.

In fact, in September, Apple had announced the introduction of the Apple Watch, a custom version of Hermes, in collaboration with French fashion brand Hermes last September, and it was clear that Apple wanted to place it as a luxury product by introducing a series of Apple Watch.

When the Apple Watch was released in April last year, the fashion circle did not look at the sales of this smart watch. But the power of apple powder and geeks can not be underestimated – the order volume has reached 1 million in 24 hours.

Now, with the opening of the Apple Watch of the Hermes version, people will be able to buy this luxury smart watch more conveniently. This may also attract more traditional watch companies to try to introduce more smart watches.

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