Why do we say hermes is a magic brand?

Why is Hermes a magic brand? Not only because every girl is dreaming of collecting his home three God bags (Birkin, Kelly, Constance), but also in his own traffic – the articles with “Hermes” from any headline in the media are easy to brush up.

But the reason why herm herm is Hermes is that no matter what kind of evaluation the outside world gives him, he always remembers the origin and core of the brand, not the package, not the luxury, but the craft and the horse culture.

Hermes started from making harness. In 180 years, despite the continuous expansion of the product line, the whole brand was inspired by “horse”, and the Paris headquarters of Hermes had a museum related to horses, which was the inspiration for the whole brand. No matter how the modern traffic mode changes, harness has always been one of the most important product lines of the brand.

Hermes not only respects the “horse” in the cultural sense, but also supports the “horse” related activities in real life. The “leaping, Hermes” SAUT HERMES equestrian barrier, which the brand has hosted in 2010, is a typical example.

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