Luxury goods for six generations

The world’s top luxury brand of creativity, art and quality – Hermes, founded in 1837, has been successfully passed on to 6 generations for more than 180 years. The low profile and diligent Hermes family is one of the richest families in the world. Its total wealth is more than 25 billion dollars. How does the Hermes family inspire family members’ sense of mission and employee identity through strong culture and values? Since the six generation, how do 70 family members maintain their strong cohesion?

In fact, the family itself is the most basic carrier of culture, spirit and values. “We do not have a story, because we ourselves are a living story.” Axel Dumas, the sixth generation of the Hermes family, said in an interview with Axel Dumas.

Herm’s history can be traced back to 1837. At that time, the whole Paris echoed with the sound of horseshoe and the wheels of the carriage, almost every family had its own carriage, and the aristocratic family usually had two or three sets of carriages for different occasions and uses. A manufacturer of leather harness named ThierryHerm e s opened the first Hermes saddle and harness store in Paris to make fine accessories for the carriage. From the very beginning, he established a strict brand standard: raw materials and exquisite workmanship.

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